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I was included in Raphi´s first project, and now I do the finances and the booking work for Motionsick. I think the band with this crew is something different to the first project and I like the energy and the will of making something great together.

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My first meeting with the band was during the shooting of the „Flowersession“. I just wanted to help out Raphi, doing some camerawork, but I quickly came to befriend the whole band. And when later someone for the Social Media was needed I joined the Crew for good, because I deeply believe in the project and the people behind it.

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For five years I`ve been working as a light-engeneer and gathered a lot of expierience. What i like about my job with Motionsick is simple: I basically make the show but I`m not the center of atention. I love the band “Die Ärzte” and Nazis are shitheads.

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Making artwork wich represents the sound of Motionsick is easy for me, ´cause the emotion does the work. Capture the feeling of the music and lyrics in my drawings is like a connection between the two styles of art.

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When Raphi asked me to join the crew it was clear for me that I´m gonna do that. Listening to the music they make, and trying to transform it into a painting is a beautiful thing for me.

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My job for Motionsicik is to create the visual-show for the concerts.
My career as a VJ/Visual Performer started out as a Hobby. I love Cinema, Photography, Computer Science, Gaming and Music. VJing is kind of joining those themes together for me on different levesls. Doing performances in front of an audience was also personally very satisfiying, so over time it grew into a succesful Profession.
I became a part of Motionsick, because Raphael, the vocalist, is an old friend of mine and we already did a lot of kreative collaborations back in the day. So it was the natural choice to be around for this crazy project as well.

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As Raphi’s(Vocals, Guitar) Step-brother I always supported him with his Projects and tried to be there every step of the way. I’m studying Mediadesign with focus on Movies, so I basically get to stand behind the camera and cut and edit film for Motionsick. I’m happy everyone in this projects is in it wiht heart and soul and I’m glad we have a Movement like this in Tirol.

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As a person who is interested in fashion, it is easy for me to come up for designs and ideas for merchandise. Bags, T- shirts, Lighters, etc, we’re constantly working on something, so be prepared for new stuff at the merch-table.

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Hey I`m Jonas, the sound-engineer for Motionsick. My father tought me how to mix at concerts, and now i try to use this knowledge to make the sound of Motionsick special. The best thing about being part of that project is the family like bonding between the crew members.

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