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I´ve been around music all my life. My father is a professional musician and got me into singing at the age of 6. I grew up with a lot of swing music like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and musical was also a part of me since i was born. Later i´ve heard about a band called Blink 182 and fell in love with the energetic and fast pop punk culture. Soon after that i started playing the drums and decided to make music for a living. The logical conclusion was songwriting. So i picked up a guitar and started to write Songs. At first me and a good friend started a pop punk band called Boarding Line and played a lot of shows also including one with punk rock greats Anti Flag. After that, Boarding Line decided to break up, i got into hardcore and new grunge music and started to write much darker and harder songs wich lead to the forming of Motionsick.

I´ve never thought that the idea of a whole crew and and a big stage show would be possible for a new band but i think we absolutely did what noone would expect. Motionsick is the mirror of my inner side.

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Since I was nine years old i smashed the whole set of pots from my mother, with some wooden spoons from her. Since she didn’t want to buy new stuff all the time, she decided to buy me a drumset when I was ten. Soon after that I started to play with my first band which was called “Pimento” (now Stool Gang) at that point. We were mainly covering stuff from Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Bloc Party. Those bands and mainly Led Zeppelin were my first and most intense influences. I decided that I want to make music my living  when I was in the last year of music middle school. I just love how direct you transform the movement from your body into massive, loud music.

What i enjoy about this new project is the motivation behind it. Every member of the band wants to tour as much as I do and that’s what I missed in my other projects. There is just so much passion behind motionsick. I love it.

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My desire to play guitar came early on when a Friend of my Parents used to come over and play classical music and later when he introduced me to Blink 182 and The Offspring. I thought music school sucked when i was thirteen and stopped for a year. Then i finally convinced my dad to buy me an electric guitar and started to be obsessed with playing Offspring, Blink 182 and later Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys. I always wanted to play in a Band and when i met Raphael the dream finally become a reality. I love jamming with these guys, which became a family for me. The whole crew feels like a big family and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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My brother Pablo and I luckily grew up in a family were music is everything, so I started to love it and make it pretty early. From classic music to hardcore sound I listened to every type of music, and create my own kind of bass playing, but Queens of the stone age, Movements and Arctic Monkeys are my biggest influences for sure.

That feeling of being in such a big family called Motionsick is a feeling I never had before. Making great music with people like this is not a hard job.